Adaptive radiation

Adaptive radiation is the process by which a single lineage undergoes multiple speciation events to fill divergent ecological niches. This results in a cluster of phenotypically distinct, related species and often occurs after a physical disturbance or extinction event opens up new niches for exploitation.

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    An electrifying evolutionary radiation has evidently occurred among elephant fish in Africa's Ivindo basin. An implication is that open niches for communication can result in species diversification.

    • Manuel Leal
    •  & Jonathan B. Losos
    Nature 467, 159-160
  • News & Views |

    According to an innovative exercise in 'morphospace analysis', modern fish owe their stunning diversity in part to an ecological cleaning of the slate by the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous.

    • Michael Alfaro
    •  & Francesco Santini
    Nature 464, 840-842