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    An elegant experiment showing that acoustic waves are amplified after scattering by a rotating body demonstrates an effect predicted in 1971 by Yakov Zel’dovich. This result has implications for the understanding of scattering from black holes.

    • Bruce W. Drinkwater
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    The note A tuned to 440 Hz only became the norm for musical performance in 1939 after decades of international and interdisciplinary disputes. Fanny Gribenski retraces this rocky path.

    • Fanny Gribenski
    Nature Physics 16, 232
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    Higher-order topological acoustic metamaterials on kagome lattices, which host topologically protected corner states, can confine sound at corners. This may lead to applications of acoustic metamaterials in local acoustic field enhancement, trapping and manipulating of particles, and acoustic sensing and probing.

    • Zhengyou Liu
    Nature Materials 18, 98-99