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Access subject-specific Collections of articles, curated by our in-house Editors.


Top-cited papers on groundbreaking tools; from DNA damage detection to bacteria with industrial potential.

Quantum computing

As we near the limits of III-V semiconductor-based computing, the need for a reliable alternative is becoming more relevant. Quantum computing represents a viable and powerful method of solving highly complex problems beyond what classical computing could ever achieve.

Female laureates

A snapshot of work from teams that include exceptional women of science. Their contributions have been recognised via several awards.

Marine pollution

A collection of the best and latest research investigating the pollutants imposed on marine life in the Anthropocene.


This collection highlights recent work relating to the advancement of organoid technology, and its application.


Articles showcasing the promise of structures designed to interact with electromagnetic radiation.

Climate change

This collection highlights the recent advances in climate change research, spanning from changes in microscopic organisms to global weather events.

Machine learning for material discovery, design and characterisation

Machine learning techniques can be used to automate difficult processes and open up undiscovered avenues of research in material discovery and characterisation.

Perovskite solar cells

A Collection of research focussed on improving the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells to make them commercially viable.

Optical trapping and manipulation

By harnessing the momentum of light we are able to trap and manipulate objects remotely. Optical tweezers are a tool that exploit this process and focus light into a tight beam capable of holding small dielectric objects in place.


This collection highlights research relating to all types of diabetes and the complications associated with this family of disorders.

Human microbiome

A selection of excellent research articles providing insights into the human microbiome and its impact on our health – and disease.

Polymer chemistry

With an emphasis on the versatility of polymers and their applications, this collection highlights recent advances in polymer chemistry.

Traumatic brain injury

A selection of recent studies covering different aspects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), from the molecular mechanisms underlying neurological damage to new developments in diagnostics and imaging.

Topological matter

Topology has expanded beyond the domain of mathematics and firmly rooted itself in the physical sciences since the discovery of topological insulators. Here, we present a selection of papers on the topic of topological matter in a variety of forms.

Cognitive neuroscience

This collection highlights the latest research into the neuroscience of human cognition.

Palaeoanthropology and human evolution

This collection of articles explores research into the evolution of humans and our hominin ancestors.

Endangered species

This collection highlights the best research providing insights into the biology of species that are on the verge of extinction.


This collection highlights advances in research to understand how we age and ways we can promote longevity.

Plant genome editing

This collection highlights recent advances in plant genome editing and its impact on crop production.

Human developmental biology

A collection of articles detailing advances in cell lineage specification, organogenesis and embryonic development, at both genetic and cellular levels.


A focus on the latest advances in geochemistry and their impact on ecosystems, and insights into the chemistry of the Earth's crust and mantle.


A look into a variety of epigenetic modifications, their impact on disease and the mechanisms behind how they regulate gene expression.


This collection highlights progress towards using engineered nanoparticles to treat and diagnose disease.


A focus on how the Earth system has changed over time, in response to both natural and anthropogenic forces.

Laser advances

The many types of lasers available for researchers have been steadily increasing since the first ruby laser in the 1960s. Here, we place a spotlight on the many developments in laser technology.

International Space Station science

Is colonisation of space feasible? This Collection describing research from the International Space Station addresses this question.

Polar science

Showcasing research that describes changes in the Arctic and Antarctic, and the wide-reaching impacts on life on Earth. 

Antimicrobial resistance

A selection of recent articles on antimicrobial resistance and potential new strategies to overcome it.


This Collection brings together recently published transplantation research, with a focus on the most commonly transplanted organs.

Complex networks

A selection of articles describing conceptual advances in the field of complex networks, and application of these techniques in natural and clinical sciences.

Machine learning in healthcare

A spotlight on how machine intelligence can be leveraged to bolster human endeavours to improve health.

Infectious disease (Gates Foundation)

This Collection showcases some of the impressive outputs of fundees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Tumour microenvironment

A selection of articles from a variety of fields outlining some of the work being done within tumour microenvironment.


A Collection of radiomics research shedding new light on disease characteristics.

Planetary & solar system science

Free-to-access research on bodies that span the astronomical size spectrum, as well as space weather and habitability.


This cross-disciplinary field is a natural fit for Scientific Reports. Access some of our most popular electrocatalyst papers here.

2D materials and heterostructures

A selection of works published in Scientific Reports related to the topic of 2D materials.

New cell lines

A Collection presenting a selection of reports describing the generation and characterisation of new lines from a range of species.


Optogenetics research by leading labs in the field, including those of Breakthrough Prize winners, is presented in this Collection.