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  • Blockchain technology and its industrial applications

    This Collection will gather Research Articles highlighting the latest advances in blockchain and its industrial applications.
    • Tiago M. Fernández-Caramés
    • Paula Fraga-Lamas
    • Zhihan Lv
    • Yushu Zhang
    Submission status: Open
  • Hydrogen and alternative fuel sources

    This Collection will gather advances on hydrogen, as well as on alternative energy sources, and aims to foster synergy between multiple energy sources towards the global effort to achieve carbon neutrality.
    • Ioannis Ieropoulos
    • Kui Jiao
    • Simona Liguori
    Submission status: Open
  • Smart cities

    This Collection aims to showcase engineering advances and development strategies to "make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable" (UN Sustainable Development Goal 11), by gathering interdisciplinary research ranging from information communication and technology (ICT) to smart and green urban planning and construction automation, from air pollution to mobility, from water and waste management to climate change and disaster risk reduction.
    • Dionysia-Denia Kolokotsa
    • Anna Laura Pisello
    • Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues
    • Tomonobu Senjyu
    Submission status: Open
  • Perovskite photovoltaics: stability and scalability

    This Collection will showcase developments in perovskite research, from enabling larger-scale production to manufacturing more stable perovskite solar cells.
    • Lakshminarayana Polavarapu
    • Shuxia Tao
    • Paola Vivo
    Submission status: Open
  • Channelopathies: molecular and genetic mechanisms

    This Collection provides a home for research providing new directions for unravelling the molecular and genetic mechanisms of these pathologies.
    • Ciria C. Hernandez
    Submission status: Open
  • New samples from planetary bodies

    This Collection will bring together original research across physics, biology, and chemistry, focusing on the development of novel instrumentation, methodology, and planetary science required to retrieve and analyse planetary body samples.
    • Alberto G. Fairén
    • Jianghui Ji
    • Mónica Sánchez-Román
    Submission status: Open
  • Topological materials

    This Collection will bring together research on the relationship between materials and topology, highlighting new methodologies as well as exciting physical properties.
    • Ramon Aguado
    • Saroj P. Dash
    • Yuki Shiomi
    Submission status: Open
  • Ecological restoration and rewilding

    The United Nations General Assembly has declared this upcoming decade the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, highlighting how management and research to restore degraded ecosystems, and reverse the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, are being prioritised worldwide. To address this critical need for empirical research evaluating these efforts, we are opening a call for submissions relating to ecological restoration and rewilding to either Communications Biology or Scientific Reports.
    • Dr. Jordi Cortina-Segarra
    • Dr. Shouli Li
    • Dr. Nobuyuki Yamaguchi
    Submission status: Open Deadline: 31 March 2023
  • Induced seismicity

    This Collection invites original research on induced seismicity, and the tools we use to monitor and predict these events.
    • Longjun Dong
    • Gillian R. Foulger
    • Ian Main
    Submission status: Open
  • Adult neurogenesis and aging mechanisms

    Adult neurogenesis supports important brain functions, such as learning and memory, and its sharp decrease during aging may contribute to the cognitive decline of the aged brain. This Collection aims to gain insight into the cellular and molecular drivers of the age-associated reduction of adult neurogenesis, by gathering studies investigating the mechanisms of neurogenic aging in rodents and other vertebrate and invertebrate model systems, employing both in vivo and in vitro approaches.
    • Giuseppe Lupo
    Submission status: Open