For authors

At Scientific Reports we want to make the process of submitting your manuscript as simple as possible. Please carefully follow our step-by-step process, completing each step before progressing to the next.

Step 1: Before you submit

There are several important things you need to know and understand before you begin the submission process. From checking that your research is relevant to our journal, to preparing your manuscript and finding out about costs and funding, you will find it in this section.

To go straight to this step, please visit our before you submit page.

Step 2: Ready to submit

Completing our submission checklist before submitting your manuscript will help ensure that you have done everything you need to do and help to prevent delays to the assessment of your manuscript. Once you have successfully completed it, you will be ready to submit your manuscript.

To go straight to this step, please visit our ready to submit page.

After your manuscript is submitted via our online submission system, it enters our editorial process. We aim to get our first decision to you within 45 days.

Step 3: Post-publication

Our marketing and communications teams promote articles across multiple channels following publication. We have a pre-publicity policy for authors, and we also offer advice and guidance to help you promote your published article through your own channels and techniques.

To go straight to this step, please visit our post-publication page.