Open Access

Scientific Data is an open-access publication. To publish in Scientific Data authors are required to pay an article-processing charge (APC).

All content-types are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY). The CC BY licence allows for maximum dissemination and re-use of open access materials and is preferred by many research funding bodies. Under this licence users are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and remix (adapt) the contribution including for commercial purposes, providing they attribute the contribution in the manner specified by the author or licensor (read full legal code).

Metadata files included with each Data Descriptor are made available under the CC0 waiver to promote maximum reuse.

APC Prices

The APC for all published papers is as follows, plus VAT or local taxes where applicable.

The Americas*, Greater China** and Japan $1,990
Europe/Rest of World €1,690
UK £1,490

The APC is determined at the date of acceptance.  For a list of our APCs please see here.

Additional Data Hosting Charges

As part of our article processing charge, we cover 100GB of storage at figshare. The following rates (plus VAT or local taxes where applccable) apply for large datasets uploaded to figshare through our integrated system:

  The Americas Europe Japan UK/Rest of World China
>100 to 250 GB $1,000 €775 ¥110,000 £660 RMB 6,000
>250 to 500 GB $2,000 €1,550 ¥220,000 £1,320 RMB 12,000
>500 to 750 GB $3,000 €2,325 ¥330,000 £1,980 RMB 18,000
>750 to 1 TB $4,000 €3,105 ¥440,000 £2,640 RMB 24,000

These charges are levied on a per-article basis, at the time of publication.

Dryad charges $120 for datasets up to 20GB, and $50 USD for each additional 10GB, or part thereof. Other data repositories may also charge additional fees for the hosting of data. We encourage authors to correspond directly with their chosen data repository, if they have questions about additional fees.

Visit our open research site for further information about publishing open access in Scientific Data

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* The Americas = USA, Canada, Central America and South America
** Greater China = Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau