Open Research Data Resources
Launched February 2018 | Organized by Patricia Cruse, Michael Huerta, Mark Thorley and Susanna-Assunta Sansone


The FANTOM5 Collection
Launched August 2017 | at multiple Nature Research journals


Replication Data
Launched March 2017 | Organized by K. Andrew DeSoto, Brian Nosek and Martin Schweinsberg and in partnership with the Open Science Framework


Data Sharing in Functional Genomics
Launched March 2017 | Organized by Kaylene J. Simpson & Jennifer A. Smith


WorldPop Collection
Launched January 2017 | In partnership with WorldPop


X-ray scatter imageStructural Biology Applications of X-ray Lasers
Launched August 2016 | Organized by Filipe Maia & Janos Hajdu


Genomes of Icelanders
Launched March 2015 | at Nature Genetics


Human Brain MRI Reproducibility
Launched January 2015 | In partnership with the Consortium on Reliability and Reproducibility


The NESCent Collection
Launched September 2014 | Organized by Todd J. Vision & Karen Cranston


Focus on RNA sequencing quality control (SEQC)
Launched September 2014 | at Nature Biotechnology