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Career Planning

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Should you apply to a Ph.D. program or jobs in industry? Which will give you greater satisfaction, research or teaching? How do you parlay a degree in science into a career in policy-making, law, or journalism? If you are an undergraduate, high school student, or graduate student, the more thoughtfully you approach planning your career now the higher the probability that your life path will be rewarding.

In this area of the site you will find dozens of resources to help you choose a meaningful career path in the sciences. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage of the subject, you will find Guide to Life Science Careers quite useful. Starting with an assessment of who you are and how you work best, this guide takes you on a journey that extends from a survey of possible careers through the steps necessary to get there. Interviews with professionals about how they chose their career paths are included so you can learn how others became successful and understand the positive and negative aspects of various career choices. Strategies for networking, overcoming shyness, and building your résumé are also discussed to help you lay the groundwork for success and present the best you to potential employers. If you are looking for help on particular topics, browse the list of selected entries from Guide to Life Science Careers below. Current job listings and other resources can also be found at NatureJobs.
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