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Student Voices

Researchers spun up a nanofiber collagen sponge from fish skin, then tested its wound healing potential. Apparently, it works better than bovine. Learn about it here.

Do Smart Pills Really Make You Smart?
The Invasive Species Wriggling Beneath Your Feet
Getting the Straight Dope on Weed

Saltwater Science

When a coral reef experiences stress, the impacts can be measured. But in an aqeous environment, how can marine scientists isolate and measure the the stressor causing the ill effects?   
A Recipe For Reef Recovery
Why Does the Ocean Look so Strange Today?
Unearthing the Secrets of Penguin Taste

Women in Science

The US National Academy of Sciences announced this year's 84 inductees. Of those, 24 are women. Do you recognize any of their names? Take our poll.

States Honor STEM Women
Unequal Pay
Group Projects May Attract Women


Microbe Matters

Kriti interviews two more of her fellow finalists from the Intel Science Talent Search: Kalia and Augustine.

Two Young Microbiologists - via Intel
Three Microbes
Smallpox: To Destroy or to Not Destroy?

Bio 2.0

Scientists are using bacteria to convert greenhouse gases into biofuels and biodegradable plastics. What’s the chemistry behind this?
Propagating Mutations in Entire Populations
This Is Your Brain on Integrated Technology
Gene Editing in the Natural World

Accumulating Glitches

Can a single gene mutation change the shape of an organism, and also cause a suite of genes to change activity? Seder highlights a close relationship between physical conformation and biochemical activation.
How Dogs and Humans Grew Together
A Dinosaur That Flew On Bat-Like Wings
Counting Chicks


Viruses 101

Members of a hunter-gatherer tribe host more diverse microbes than people in industrialized regions. What could this mean?
Why Can't Mosquitoes Transmit HIV?
Is Obesity Contagious?
Measles Outbreak at Disneyland


Can we use the Sun as the main source for our energy needs? Learn about solar power.

Seeing Light
When C Doesn't Equal C
Two Quantum Quirks Become One

Eyes on Environment

What's so great about black silicon solar cells? A jumble of nanostructures on this material's surface enables it to absorb light from many angles. Why does this matter?
The Search for Artificial Photosynthesis
Economic Expansion in the Great Plains 
The Resurgence of Kites in the Urban UK


Plant ChemCast

What are the therapeutic uses of medical marijuana? Learn how cannabinoids affect the brain and relieve the symptoms of several diseases.
The Dark Myth of the Poinsettia
The Advantage of Berries
Tobacco Brings Hope to Ebola Treatment

Green Screen

Reflect on the history of Earth Day, and watch a NASA model showing a year’s worth of CO2 emissions.

Quantum Dots Open the Way for Solar Windowpanes
Lithium-Ion Batteries Get a Boost

Brain Metrics

Understand the history and method behind magnetoencephalography (MEG), which is sensitive to the magnetic fields created by the brain's electrical activity.

What does fMRI measure?


Green Science

Do you really know how to select the right sunscreen? Get your tips here on all sun-protective gear.

Dangers of the Sun
New York City Carbon Challenge
What You Need to Know About the Ebola Outbreak

Why Science Matters

Strong memories are often linked to strong emotions. What’s the neuroscience behind this connection? Could we use this knowledge to forget traumatic experiences?
Dream Reader v.1.0
Bacteria Conspire Against People with Obesity
Of Mice and Humans


Get a first-hand account of the National Postdoctoral Association’s 2015 Meeting. What happens there?

Conferences to Engage and Build Communities
The Future of Research Symposium
Scientific Meetings and Advocacy



How exactly does UV damage skin cells? Take a look at the chemical reactions, and learn how our cells defend us from this damage.
The Science Behind Fireworks
Marijuana: Medical Cure or Catastrophe?
Beach Erosion: How a Shoreline Changes

Genetics Generation

If genetic technology can “improve the human race,” how should we use it? Or should we use it at all? Take our poll.

Case Study in Genetic Sports Advantage
America's Hidden History: The Eugenics Movement
Case Study in Genetic Non Disclosure

Mind Read

The blue light emitted from digital devices can disturb sleep patterns. What’s the solution if you can’t avoid technology before bed?
Why Hodor Only Say "Hodor"?
This Is Why There Are So Many Defibrillators in Casinos
Why Do We Find It so Hard to Write About Ourselves?

USGS, Tracy Enright
USGS, Natalie Allen and Stephanie Kolski
USGS, Christina Kellogg