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July 26, 2010 | By:  Nature Education
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Episode 20: How Does the Eye Work?

In today's episode, Dr. Reza Dana of Harvard Medical School and the Schepens Eye Research Institute talks to Adam about the structures within the human eye that allow us to see. The eye is a fascinatingly complex organ — comprising the cornea, iris, and retina (to name but a few) — that takes in and converts light into electrical impulses and sends them on to the brain via the optic nerve. Much like the internal workings of a camera, proper eye function requires the coordination of many moving parts working in concert. But the eye, and thus our ability to see, is susceptible to a variety of maladies, such as insufficient blood flow, inflammation, and tumors. Dr. Dana and other ophthalmologists work hard to discover treatments for eye maladies that can restore vision to affected eyes. Join Adam as he learns about the principal parts of the eye, as well as what goes wrong when vision becomes impaired or is altogether lost. [05:40]

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