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Scitable is a free online teaching/learning portal combining high quality educational articles with technology-based community features to fuel a global exchange of scientific insights, teaching practices, and study resources. Scitable currently contains scientist-authored educational articles in the fields of genetics, cell biology and ecology, and is intended for undergraduate faculty and students. Short eBooks on basic science as well as scientific communication and careers help readers connect across disciplines and imagine a future of science participation. Scitable's blog and forum network features a community of both students and professors connecting readers to science news topics, videos and podcasts. Since its initial launch, Scitable has grown to over one million registered users and over five million visits each year by students and faculty in more than 180 countries. Future plans involve extension of Scitable to other fields within the life sciences, as well as to other audiences.

Nature Education

Nature Education, the educational division of Nature Publishing Group, was founded in 2007 in order to use NPG's connections with the scientific community to strengthen global science education through innovative publishing strategies. In a few short years, Nature Education has become a widely recognized leader in the scientific community, with award-winning, high quality resources in use in every region of the world. Whether through open education resources, position papers on educational policy, or affordable interactive textbooks, Nature Education aims to push the boundaries of science publishing and breathe new life into the science education landscape. Nature Education's current other projects include Principles of Science, a new series of affordable, high quality interactive textbooks in college-level science, including the first textbook in the series, Principles of Biology, and World Library of Science, a joint initiative with UNESCO to create a comprehensive free library of science education resources in the life and physical sciences. For more information on Nature Education, read here.

Editorial Team

Publishing Director John Carroll
Managing Editor Ilona Miko, Ph. D

Editorial Board

Michael A. Goldman, Ph.D., San Francisco State University

Laura L. Mays Hoopes, Ph. D, Pomona College
Norman A. Johnson, Ph. D, University of Massachusetts
Terry McGuire, Ph. D, Rutgers University

Robert Moss, Ph. D, Wofford College
Cheryl Scacheri, M.S., CGC, Senior Vice President, Clear Path Group,Inc.
Bob Sheehy, Ph. D, Radford University
Christopher D. Smith, Ph.D, San Francisco State University
Alexandre R. Vieira, DDS, MS, Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh
Clare M. O'Connor, Ph.D, Boston College

Cell Biology
Mike Adams, Ph.D, Eastern Connecticut State University
Gary Cote, Ph.D, Radford University
Mario DeTullio,
Ph.D, University of Bari
Ivor Hickey, Ph.D, The Queen's University, Belfast
Jacob Krans, Ph.D, Western New England University
James Neitzel, Ph.D, Evergreen State College
Clare M. O'Connor, Ph.D, Boston College
Matthew Rasband, Ph.D, Baylor College of Medicine
ZhaoHua Irene Tang, Ph.D, The Claremont Colleges
Laura Vargas-Parada, Ph.D, National University of Mexico (UNAM)

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