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Nature Research Intelligence: Discover the future of your research, today

Get complete, forward-looking, and trustworthy insights to guide your research strategy.

Why Nature Research Intelligence

We’ve been the most trusted name in research for over 150 years. All of our knowledge and expertise is now available in Nature Research Intelligence, giving you:

Insights you can trust

Faster, more effective research decisions

Solutions that adapt to your needs

Our approach to delivering research success

We listen to your research needs and help you find the right solution


We start by understanding what’s truly important to you


Our experts offer specialist advice and guidance


Discover our range of research solutions


We help you choose the solution that meets your needs


Training and onboarding so you benefit quickly

Nature Research Intelligence solutions are designed to help you deliver against your key research objectives. We work in partnership with you to identify and understand your needs, and explain the options that we think will produce the best results. We then implement your chosen solution and help you maximise its value as soon as possible.

Solutions that enable you to make faster, better research decisions

A flexible range of research intelligence solutions

Whether you’re looking for collaboration opportunities, inspiration, or a better understanding of potential new research areas, we can help you take your next steps with confidence.

Track your progress and refine future strategy with a holistic benchmark of your research performance.

Comprehensive deep-dives and custom high-quality reports into relevant research topics to influence major research and funding decisions.

One centralised, holistic source of research trends to track emerging research topics and guide your decision making.

How you benefit from Nature Research Intelligence

Everything you need to make better research decisions

Whichever Nature Research Intelligence solution you choose, you benefit from holistic and comprehensive data coverage and our global network of world-leading editorial and subject matter experts. Get insights you can trust, with complete coverage of disciplines and content that empower you to make smart research decisions that have a positive real-world impact.

Over 150 years’ research experience

Independent from data providers

Powered by the latest AI and cloud technology

Latest insights

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