Volume 90

  • No. 6 December 2021

    Causes of pediatric drug overdose -related death in children under 12, according to CDC coding. Almost a quarter of deaths can be attributed to homicide. See article by Kelly et al. on page 1258.

  • No. 5 November 2021

    In a study reported in this issue, Cooper et al. found that seropositive schoolchildren with asymptomatic to mild SARS-CoV-2 infections generate robust cellular immunity. See article by Cooper et al. on page 1073.

  • No. 4 October 2021

    Blood flow velocities recorded by ultrasound during head tilt in healthy term infants. (Top) Unsupervised cluster analysis revealed five distinct initial responses to tilt. The dotted lines indicate the tilt. Colored lines are individual recordings, and the black lines are cluster means. (Bottom) A typical NeoDoppler recording of blood flow velocity (BFV) per heartbeat during the test. The neonate was kept in a supine position for 40 s, then tilted and kept upright for 200 s before being laid back down. The four gray boxes show the time segments (S1 -S4) used for further analysis, and the green box shows the time window used for cluster analysis. The neonate's position is illustrated by the silhouettes. Blood pressure was measured before the test and at 120 s.See article by Jarmund et al. on page 888.

  • No. 3 September 2021

    Binia et al. found that human milk oligosaccharides influence anthropometric measures at 4 months of age. See article by Binia et al. on page 684.

  • No. 2 August 2021

    Hillman et al. found that the addition of budesonide to surfactant following lipopolysaccharide exposure and injurious mechanical ventilation led to reduced inflammatory markers in multiple organs. See article by Hillman et al. on page 328.

  • No. 1 July 2021

    Neurodevelopmental outcomes of extremely-low-gestational-age neonates may be adversely impacted by blood transfusions.See article by Phuong et al. on page 109.