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  • Hannah E. Laue
  • Julia A. Bauer
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solomon climate

Global climate change: the defining issue of our time for our children’s health

'While climate change is a major problem and may be the most pressing issue on children’s health, very few research articles on this topic are submitted to Pediatric Research. The science and research may be outside the mainstream of research done in academic Pediatric Departments. However, we feel it is important to educate our readership on this issue, arm researchers with the tools to contribute to this field, and begin to craft and implement efforts to prepare for and manage the changes underway, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from healthcare and biomedical research. To this end, we invited a series of papers on global climate change that will include an overview, a research toolbox, and the role that researchers can play in managing global climate change. In addition to invited papers, we welcome relevant papers for submission.'
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