Volume 44 Issue 8, August 2012

Volume 44 Issue 8

NMR of Polymers: Assorted figures from the papers solicited for the Special Issue and a picture of Superconducting Magnet. Figures (clockwise from top right); Heme coordination structures (Yamamoto), HMBC spectrum of PLA (Suganuma et al.), 129Xe spectra of 129Xe in PPO (Yoshimizu et al.), 13C CPMAS spectra of hornet cocoons (Kameda), 13C spectra and loading histograms of PMMA-co-TBMA (Momose et al.), 1H FID of UHMW-PE reactor powders (Uehara et al.)



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    NMR of Polymers - recent advances and innovations

    The August special issue of the Polymer Journal, titled the NMR of Polymers - recent advances and innovations, presents the usefulness and importance of NMR in recent polymer studies, emphasizing the significance of NMR in a wide-variety of research areas within polymer science. Further background information about this technique in polymer studies is available through the accompanying web focus which links to related articles from across Nature Publishing Group