• Collection

    In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal to Reduce Inequalities (SDG10), this collection aims to bring together articles enhancing our understanding of cancer health disparities across the different dimensions of inequality research.

    There are many expanding fields of health inequalities research but this collection will include articles examining disproportionate cancer burdens in populations such as: rural-urban, gender/sexual, racial/ethnic, religious minority and socioeconomic status groups, and of course any group where health inequality needs to be addressed.

    This wider collection builds upon our existing collections more specifically focused on 'Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer' and 'Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer in the US'.

    We are building an ongoing knowledge base of content from across oncology journals to increase the discoverability of articles in this important research area. Thus, we call for new contributions to this collection and invite you to read recent research below.

    We also wish to highlight a related webinar recording 'Roundtable on Black in cancer research and oncology'.

    Open for submissions