Publishing Partnerships

Palgrave Communications welcomes proposals to collaborate on the publication of edited thematic article collections (‘special issues’). This includes collections organised in conjunction with meetings, conferences and symposia. All thematic collections are subject to the journal’s high editorial standards.

If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration, please contact the editorial team ( with relevant details in the first instance. 

Benefits of partnering with Palgrave Communications

  • Dedicated support from the journal’s editorial and marketing teams
    All aspects of the organisation and planning of collections is overseen by the Managing Editor, who works closely with Guest Editors. To maximise the impact and visibility of collections, the journal’s marketing team is responsible for scheduling calls for paper mailings and other promotional activities.
  • Fast publication
    The average submission to publication turnaround time for an article submitted to Palgrave Communications is approximately 6 months, ensuring research is published in a timely manner and without undue delays.
  • Rigorous peer review
    Palgrave Communications maintains high editorial and ethical standards – all papers undergo rigorous and fair peer-review, overseen by the journal’s academic Associate Editors, to ensure the publication of high-quality research.
  • High visibility and reach
    All papers are published under the CC-BY licence meaning they can be freely downloaded and shared by any readers, thus increasing the visibility and potential impact of published research and thematic collections.
  • Innovative publishing platform
    Authors and readers benefit from improved HTML view and article-level altmetrics that track how research is being used and debated in the literature and across the internet, including on social media.
  • International promotion
    Published articles and thematic collections are promoted through various marketing channels using the extensive Palgrave Macmillan database of contacts.