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Collections in brief

Cognition, society and culture
January 2018 | Collection looking at the rising importance and development of cognitive science as a dynamic, interdisciplinary field involving the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The politics of an urban age
December 2017 | Collection exploring the political and governance implications of the urban age at various scales, and from a range of disciplinary vantage points and geographical perspectives. 

The politics of evidence-based policymaking: maximising the use of evidence in policy
November 2017 | Collection drawing on a range of disciplinary and practitioner perspectives, about how to tell good stories, form networks, influence allies, understand politics enough to engage effectively within it, and be able to tell if decision-making processes are sufficiently ‘evidence-informed’.

Digital society and capitalism
November 2017 | Collection addressing the questions that arise concerning the impacts and challenges that digital society provides for and against capitalism.

Interiorities: artistic, conceptual and historical reassessments of the interior 
November 2017 | Collection addressing ‘interiority’ as a concept debated by artists and philosophers, historians and sociologists alike.

Green criminology and environmental harm
November 2017 | Collection addressing the manner in which environmental harm is framed within criminal justice systems.

Discourse studies: theories and methodologies at the crossroads of language and society
November 2017 | Collection focusing on contemporary challenges in the broader context of discourse studies from a range of theoretical and methodological vantage points.

Racism in counter-terrorism and surveillance discourse
November 2017 | Collection examining the historical shifts and contemporary developments in counter-terrorism discourse.

Integrity and its counterfeits: implications for economy, business and management
November 2017 | Collection exploring the abstract concept of integrity and its application into business practice.

China in the Global South
November 2017 | Collection exploring the local impacts of Chinese investment in different parts of the developing world.

Self-knowledge in and outside of illness
November 2017 |  Collection exploring the role of self-knowledge in the context of healthcare.


Studies in Gothic and horror
October 2017 | Collection exploring the Gothic and horror as expressed through literature, film, television, new media and electronic gaming. 

The role of women in management and the workplace 
March 2017 | Collection providing multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives on the role for women in management, the workplace and organizations in general.

Perspectives on soft power
February 2017 | Collection exploring all aspects of soft power, from approaches to framing foreign-policy agendas, to the strategies that countries use to persuade and elicit positive attraction in order to obtain preferred outcomes.

The future of research assessment
December 2016 | Collection exploring recent developments and debates in the UK and internationally on strategies for measuring and assessing the qualities and impacts of academic research.

Analysing security subcomplexes in a changing Middle East
November 2016 | Collection considering the influence of non-Arab state and non-state actors, including other stakeholders, in the Middle East.

On balance: lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing
October 2016 | Collection exploring the various ways in which the concept of ‘balance’ has emerged and been used as a rhetorical construct to articulate a range of broader social and cultural anxieties about well-being and modern living.

Scientific advice to governments
July 2016 | Collection exploring the theory, practice and politics of scientific advice from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including science and technology studies, science policy studies, political science, sociology and philosophy.

Shakespeare: explorations over time and across disciplines
June 2016 | Collection to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.


X-ray scatter imageMultidisciplinary perspectives on gender studies
May 2016 | Collection providing multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives on how the study of sex, gender and sexuality offers the chance to explore and explain social and cultural transformations.

Global governance
January 2016 | Collection exploring the concept and practice of global governance, including the values, rules and norms, procedures, policies, and organisations that underpin it.

Radical theologies
October 2015 | Collection on radical theology, a field that encompasses the intersections of various strands of thinking - from constructive theology, secular theology, death-of-God theologies, political theologies, continental thought and contemporary cultural studies - with the ultimate aim of redefining the very terms of theology as a concept and practice.

July 2015 | Rolling collection dedicated to the concept of interdisciplinarity and the potential impact and outcomes of integrating diverse specialisations as part of collaborative research efforts.