Authors' experiences of publishing in Palgrave Communications

“As authors exploring interdisciplinarity in the making, the ease and rapidity with which we could publish open access in Palgrave Communications allowed us to unfurl our ideas and methods, to a wide community of other scholars and practitioners, actually as they are taking form — rather than resting content with an article that reports on a research project well after it is over, as is customary in most forms of academic publishing.”
Felicity Callard, Department of Geography, Durham University and Director of Hubbub at Wellcome Collection, UK

“From engagement with the commissioning editor, throughout the writing and review process, to the final product, the experience is one of the best I have had (that coming from an author of more than 100 articles).”
Kelley Lee, Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Canada

“Publishing my article with Palgrave Communications was a terrific experience: I received great feedback from referees, timely correspondence from the editors, and a fantastic looking article when all was said and done. The fact that it is open access is wonderful, of course, and Palgrave Communications did a terrific job promoting the article online. Finally, being a broad-interest journal, my Palgrave Communications article was seen by scholars outside my immediate discipline as well as people outside the academy, an increasingly important factor these days and a very attractive aspect to me.”
Mark D White, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, College of Staten Island, USA

“It’s become a cliché to say that the landscape for scholarly communications is shifting. But it’s hard to deny that some profound changes are underway. Researchers are increasingly looking to publish their work in places that combine quality and rigour, with openness, impact and interdisciplinarity. Palgrave Communications stands out to me as a genuinely innovative attempt to span traditional silos between disciplines, sectors and types of knowledge. I’ve been working as an associate editor on two thematic collections to be published in the journal and have been impressed both by the creativity and commitment of the editorial team, and by the calibre and breadth of authors we've attracted. For anyone working in a cross-disciplinary, policy-relevant field, Palgrave Communications is an ideal open access platform from which to engage fellow scholars, and also the wider worlds of policy and practice.”
James Wilsdon, Professor of Research Policy, University of Sheffield and Chair of the Campaign for Social Science, UK

“My experience of working with Palgrave Communications has been great; very efficient and well organised. It provides an excellent platform for new work with a professional, robust set of procedures leading to speedy publication following a rigorous review process.”
Kath Woodward, Emeritus Professor, Sociology, Open University, UK

“Working with Palgrave Communications exposes one to high quality, topical, interdisciplinary and most importantly accessible research. Helping with a thematic collection as an associate editor and a reviewer has been very beneficial. The process is professional, well guided by the Managing Editor, and the work is of the highest quality.”
Nick Anguelov, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA

Palgrave Communications has introduced this 'retiring' professor to open access publishing before it’s too late. I am delighted that in turn our research and analyses are available on-line gratis globally.”
Timothy Shaw, Research Professor, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA

“I have recently been working with Palgrave Communications’ editorial team guest-editing a thematic collection. The interdisciplinary ethos of the journal fits our edition perfectly. The editorial team has expertly facilitated the submission process and guided us through the open access policy most efficiently. I look forward to working with the team as the collection takes shape.”
Alison Haggett, Research Fellow, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter, UK

Palgrave Communications' vetting system was the most efficient I've ever experienced. I've had articles sit with other journals for 1-2 years before a decision was reached. Palgrave Communications accepted my article, put it into production following a detailed response to outside reader reports and editorial comments, and published it online after only 3 months, from start to finish.”
John Edgar Browning, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA