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Volume 30 Issue 1, January 2023

A single rRNA modification gates ribosome assembly

A single 2′-O-methylation of ribosomal RNA gates the assembly of a functional ribosome.

See Yelland et al.

Image: Alex Ramsay / Alamy Stock Photo

Research Highlights

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  • Nuclear actin polymerization helps facilitate chromosome compartment switches that can shift damaged DNA toward a nuclear environment that is favorable for DNA repair. Yet shifting multiple broken DNA strands together can also increase the likelihood of misjoining of the DNA ends and subsequent formation of translocations.

    • Heng Li
    • Rachel Patton McCord
    News & Views
  • New work on DNA polymerase λ highlights its remarkable flexibility. This fits with the generally adaptable nature of the DNA-repair process in which this enzyme is involved—nonhomologous end-joining—which allows this mechanism to handle diverse types of broken DNA ends in order to restore the duplex structure, albeit with a loss of information at the join.

    • Michael R. Lieber
    News & Views
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