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Volume 29 Issue 6, June 2022

A brake for the chromatin looping cycle

Two studies on 3D genome organization find that cohesin acetylation puts a brake on chromatin loop extrusion through recruitment of PDS5.

See Bastié, Chapard et al.and van Ruiten et al.

Image: Marjon van Ruiten, the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Cover Design: Allen Beattie

Research Highlights

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  • MFSD2A mediates uptake of the essential fatty acid DHA across the blood–brain barrier. Separately, via interactions with syncytin-2, MFSD2A contributes to the formation of the mother–fetus placental boundary. Cryo-EM analysis of a human MFSD2A–syncytin-2 complex provides new insights into how MFSD2A performs these dual roles.

    • Justin D. Walter
    • Sille Remm
    • Markus A. Seeger
    News & Views
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