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Volume 28 Issue 10, October 2021

Ras–Raf signalosome structures

A computationally derived structural model of a membrane-associated K-Ras nanocluster with Raf effectors helps to explain functional properties of the MAPK signaling pathway.

See Article by Mysore, Zhou, Ambrogio et al.

Image: David Burton / Alamy Stock Photo. Cover Design: Bethany Vukomanovic


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News & Views

  • The critical event in KRAS signaling and oncogenic transformation is activation of the RAF–MEK–MAPK cascade. This requires assembly of a multiprotein–lipid complex on the plasma membrane. In a tour de force of modeling, Mysore et al. now provide the first glimpse of what this structure may actually look like.

    • John F. Hancock
    • Alemayehu A. Gorfe
    News & Views
  • CTCF is a conserved DNA- and RNA-binding protein with roles in genome folding and transcriptional regulation. Two recent studies investigated how CTCF knockout perturbs genome biology and derails embryogenesis in zebrafish and Drosophila melanogaster, revealing contrasting effects across species.

    • Geoffrey Fudenberg
    • Elphège P. Nora
    News & Views
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