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Volume 26 Issue 3, March 2019

Shaping the meiotic genome

Two reports use HiC to probe chromatin organization and dynamics as mammalian spermatocytes progress from early meiotic prophase to mature sperm.

See Patel, Kang et al. and Alavattam et al.

Image: Erin Dewalt, composite using figures 1c and 6c from Patel, Kang et al.Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


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News & Views

  • Autophagy is a highly contextual modulator of tumorigenesis. A new study shows that autophagy can serve as a tumor suppressor to mediate cell death at replicative crisis.

    • Masashi Narita
    News & Views
  • Last year, several studies reported that proteins form biomolecular condensates at gene enhancers. Nair et al. now show that these condensates undergo physical changes over time, which affects their nuclear localization and the transcriptional output of their target genes.

    • Sina Wittmann
    • Simon Alberti
    News & Views
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