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Volume 18 Issue 9, September 2021

Volume 18 Issue 9

Inspired by the Review on p519.

Cover design: Patrick Morgan.

Research Highlights

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    COVID-19 has had a substantial effect on patients with kidney stones, such as delays in care and increased anxiety and use of opioids. Mitigating these effects in the future could involve an online physician-based discussion as a part of the overall treatment strategy to help patients with their queries, apprehensions and ultimately their decision-making.

    • Bhaskar Kumar Somani
  • News & Views |

    Radiotherapy is one of the most effective modalities for cancer treatment, but radiation-associated secondary malignancies are important potential morbidities. Here, we highlight a recent article that examines radiation-associated muscle-invasive bladder cancer and explore how we as clinicians should consider the management of secondary malignancies.

    • Vishruth K. Reddy
    • Neha Vapiwala
  • News & Views |

    Evidence for the existence of racial disparities in semen parameters is increasing, exemplified by a recent study in men from white, Black and Asian populations. However, reference standards for semen parameters might not account for these disparities.

    • Francesco Del Giudice
    • Michael L. Eisenberg


  • Review Article |

    Exercise improves outcomes in prostate cancer, but the mechanisms behind this are poorly understood. This Review discusses exercise-induced blood alterations, with a focus on muscle-secreted myokines, which could have both direct and indirect effects on tumour proliferation.

    • Jin-Soo Kim
    • Daniel A. Galvão
    • Dennis R. Taaffe
  • Review Article |

    Despite the success of immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI) in other tumour types, the majority of ICI-treated patients with bladder cancer fail to respond. This lack of efficacy might be attributable to a lack of pre-existing immune reactive cells within the tumour immune microenvironment, which limits the efficacy of ICI. In this Review, Li and colleagues discuss how oncolytic virus therapy acts as a strategy to attract lymphocytes before implementation of ICI and consider the data supporting the use of combination approaches using oncolytic virotherapy with ICI in bladder cancer.

    • Roger Li
    • Jingsong Zhang
    • James J. Mulé
  • Review Article |

    Chimeric antigen receptor T cell immunotherapy for prostate cancer has the potential to be combined with other treatment modalities, such as androgen deprivation therapy, radiotherapy or chemotherapy; furthermore, new developments could improve the efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy and this treatment could also be applied as focal therapy for this disease.

    • Philipp Wolf
    • Jamal Alzubi
    • Toni Cathomen

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