About the Editors

Chief Editor | Annette Fenner, MBBS PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID      

 Annette studied at Imperial College London, where she completed her medical degree and intercalated a BSc and PhD in Reproductive Endocrinology. During her PhD, she worked on hypothalamic peptides in the control of reproduction, with a particular focus on the role of kisspeptins. She joined the Nature Reviews Urology team as an Associate Editor in 2010, and was promoted to Chief Editor in 2011. Annette has a particular interest in the field of sexual medicine and andrology and serves as a Trustee for the Men's Health Forum (UK registered charity no. 1087375).


Senior Editor | Louise Lloyd, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Louise undertook her BSc at Bangor University and continued her studies at Glasgow University gaining a distinction in her MRes. She then worked as a research technician at the University of Birmingham and a research assistant in the Institute of Cell Signalling at the University of Nottingham before returning to Birmingham to conduct her PhD. Throughout her studies she took a keen interest in science communication, becoming a STEM Ambassador and editing for the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable Review. She joined the Nature Reviews Urology team in June 2014 as an Associate Editor and was promoted to Senior Editor in November 2016.


Senior Editor | Maria Chiara Masone, PhD, Springer Nature, UK ORCID

Maria Chiara studied at the University of Sannio (Italy) where she obtained a BSc and MSc in biotechnology. She then conducted a PhD with the Open University (UK), during which she worked at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples (Italy) to characterize the biology and functions of inter-organelle membrane contact sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi complex. Her passion for scientific writing and editing prompted her to move to London in 2019 to start a career in publishing as a Commissioning Editor for Frontiers in Genetics. She joined the Nature Reviews Urology team in September 2021 as an Associate Editor.


The editors of Nature Reviews Urology are based in London, UK.

The Reviews Cross-Journal Editorial Team works across the Nature Reviews portfolio, as the need arises, handling content in the life, clinical, physical, and social sciences.