Adjuvant therapy options in renal cell carcinoma — targeting the metastatic cascade

Adjuvant therapy options in renal cell carcinoma — targeting the metastatic cascade

Here, the authors provide an overview of completed and ongoing clinical trials for adjuvant treatment of renal cell carcinoma, highlighting future directions and challenges in the field.


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  • The urological workforce in the United States is substantially affected by inequitable abortion access across the nation. Female residency applicants avoid states with restrictive laws, and women urologists residing in these states are considering leaving. The urological community needs to invest in advocacy to protect the health of their members.

    • Anne P. Cameron
    • Casey A. Seideman
  • Conversations around pregnancy and parenting in medicine are increasingly important, especially as the number of women in medical training increases. Common challenges are experienced by women during pregnancy, parental leave, return to work and lactation, and policy suggestions can be offered to support doctors and surgeons who want to expand their families.

    • Chloe E. Peters
    • Siobhan M. Hartigan
  • Burnout is prevalent among urologists and leads to increased medical errors and decreased career satisfaction. Lack of access to mental health care and long work hours contribute to burnout in urologists; however, gender bias in the workplace, mistreatment and balancing family life responsibilities specifically predispose women urologists to burnout.

    • Tiffany L. Damm
    • M. Francesca Monn