Sperm and red blood cells

The effect of red blood cell disorders on male fertility and reproductive health

In this Review, the authors explore the effects of erythrocyte disorders and their treatment on male reproductive health.


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  • As the population of gender minorities grows in the setting of rising incidence of cancers globally, health-care professionals and institutions must be prepared to provide inclusive care. Individual-level training as well as institutional-level efforts on gender identity data collection and creation of inclusive clinical spaces could help mitigate health-care disparities.

    • David J. Benjamin
    • Omid Yazdanpanah
    • Arash Rezazadeh Kalebasty
  • Definitions of sexual arousal dysfunction in the International Classification of Diseases use sex-specific binaries that omit the erectile basis of arousal in females. To provide equitable health care for all people with erectile dysfunction, these definitions must be de-gendered.

    • Lucy Greenwald
    • Daniel R. Dickstein
    • Deborah C. Marshall
  • Asexuality is often neglected in education and conversations around sexuality, making it essentially an ‘invisible orientation’. This lack of knowledge is associated with harmful misconceptions, which need challenging within the medical profession and in the general population to ensure inclusion of people who identify on the asexual spectrum.

    • Sarah Cosgriff
    • Stella Schneckenburger