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Volume 19 Issue 2, February 2023

Inspired by the Review on p78.

Cover design: Alex Whitworth

Research Highlights

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Year in Review

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  • Bone regeneration is a dynamic and tightly regulated process, but various mechanisms can disrupt this process and cause healing impairment. This Review discusses the complex processes that occur during the early phases that might be targeted to prevent bone healing disorders.

    • Georg N. Duda
    • Sven Geissler
    • Katharina Schmidt-Bleek
    Review Article
  • Methotrexate is commonly used in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. In this Review, the authors discuss the potential hepatotoxicity of methotrexate, with particular consideration of the role of chronic liver disease, and suggest screening and monitoring strategies for patients receiving methotrexate.

    • Vincent Di Martino
    • Delphine Weil Verhoeven
    • Daniel Wendling
    Review Article
  • In this Review, the authors discuss vascular involvement in Behçet syndrome and how the unusual pathogenesis involving an impaired immune-inflammatory response influences the treatment approach, which differs from that of other vasculitides.

    • Alessandra Bettiol
    • Fatma Alibaz-Oner
    • Giacomo Emmi
    Review Article
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