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Volume 17 Issue 12, December 2021

COVER: Inspired by the Review on p710

Cover design: S.Harris

Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • The results of several retrospective studies have reported that systemic treatment in patients with psoriasis reduces the risk of incident psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Although encouraging from a prevention perspective, such studies are limited in their ability to provide a conclusive understanding of PsA risk, preventing a clear picture from emerging.

    • Joseph F. Merola
    • Alexis Ogdie


    News & Views
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  • In this Review, the authors provide an introduction to machine learning and discuss the use of this approach in rheumatic autoimmune inflammatory diseases, including the classification of patients based on medical records or molecular characteristics, identification of novel biomarkers or drug repurposing candidates and prediction of disease progression or onset.

    • Kathryn M. Kingsmore
    • Christopher E. Puglisi
    • Peter E. Lipsky
    Review Article
  • In this timely Review, the authors compare and contrast two forms of childhood inflammatory vasculitis: Kawasaki disease and the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, highlighting epidemiological, clinical and immunological differences that suggest they should be classified as distinct syndromes.

    • Chetan Sharma
    • Madhusudan Ganigara
    • Jagadeesh Bayry
    Review Article
  • Regulatory T (Treg) cells have crucial roles in peripheral tolerance and limiting inflammation, and IL-2 is an important cytokine for Treg cell differentiation, activity and homeostasis. In this Review, Kolios, Tsokos and Klatzmann provide an overview of Treg cell and IL-2 involvement in rheumatic diseases and how modulating IL-2 signalling and Treg cell biology might provide novel treatment avenues.

    • Antonios G. A. Kolios
    • George C. Tsokos
    • David Klatzmann
    Review Article
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