Volume 15

  • No. 12 December 2019

    In our December issue: articles on mechanisms of fibrosis, the IL-23–IL-17 pathway as a therapeutic target in axial spondyloarthritis, and chemokines in rheumatic diseases.

  • No. 11 November 2019

    In our November issue: articles on palindromic rheumatism, psoriatic arthritis immunopathogenesis, imaging in axial spondyloarthritis and sex bias in rheumatic diseases.

  • No. 10 October 2019

    In our October issue: articles on rheumatic manifestations of chikungunya, mechanisms of lung disease in rheumatoid arthritis and the IL-1 family members in rheumatic diseases.

  • No. 9 September 2019

    In our September issue: articles on tissue engineering strategies to repair articular cartilage and menisci, the treatment and pathogenesis of cutaneous SLE and next generation imaging of the skeletal system.

  • No. 8 August 2019

    In our August issue: articles on IL-17 in inflammatory arthritis, cardiometabolic comorbidities in RA and PsA, T follicular helper cells and T follicular regulatory cells in rheumatic diseases and anti-citrullinated protein antibodies.

  • No. 7 July 2019

    In our July issue: articles on pregnancy and rheumatic diseases, new therapies for SLE, mouse models of hyperuricaemia, the immunobiology of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and outcome measures in early OA.

  • No. 6 June 2019

    In our June issue: articles on next-generation sequencing and single cell technologies in the study of rheumatic diseases, insights on MHC associations in rheumatic diseases and targeting pain in OA.

  • No. 5 May 2019

    In our May issue: articles on B cell checkpoints in rheumatic diseases, myeloid cells in fibrogenesis and systemic sclerosis, spontaneous dog osteoarthritis and inclusion body myositis.

  • No. 4 April 2019

    In our April issue: articles on antibody engineering, anabolic and antiresorptive drugs for bone loss, therapy in SSc and platelets in RA pathogenesis.

  • No. 3 March 2019

    In our March issue: articles on cell migration, neuropsychiatric SLE, therapy in RA, and the psoriasis to PsA continuum.

  • No. 2 February 2019

    In our February issue: articles on the pathogenesis of ANCA-association vasculitis, therapy for knee osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc progenitor cells and psoriatic dactylitis. Also featured are key advances in rheumatology in 2018.

  • No. 1 January 2019

    In our January issue: articles on immune-modulatory cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis, gene therapy for cartilage repair, management of systemic lupus erythematosus and machine learning prediction models in knee osteoarthritis. Image of skin from a patient with dermatomyositis.