About the Editors

Chief Editor | Sarah Onuora, BSc (Hons), Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Sarah studied at McMaster University, Canada, where she gained an honours BSc in biology. Her career in publishing began in 2005 in the editorial office of Rheumatology, a research journal published by the British Society for Rheumatology. She joined Nature Reviews in 2007, initially as an Assistant Editor on Nature Reviews Neurology before moving to become an Associate Editor on Nature Reviews Rheumatology. She was promoted to Senior Editor in 2009, and became Chief Editor in December 2015.

Senior Editor | Jessica McHugh, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Jessica's interest in rheumatology arose from her summer work for Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases. After graduating from Durham University in 2010 with a first class BSc in biomedical science, Jessica started a PhD at Cambridge University. Under the supervision of Martin Turner at the Babraham Institute she studied the role of post-transcriptional regulators in CD4 T cell activation. From the lab Jessica moved into science publishing in 2015 as Production Editor for BioMed Central, before joining the Nature Reviews Rheumatology team in October 2016 and being promoted to Senior Editor in 2019.

The editors of Nature Reviews Rheumatology are based in London, UK.

The Reviews Cross-Journal Editorial Team works across the Nature Reviews portfolio, as the need arises, handling content in the life, clinical, physical and social sciences.