Calcium crystals in cartilage

Cartilage calcification in osteoarthritis: mechanisms and clinical relevance

  • Ilaria Bernabei
  • Alexander So
  • Sonia Nasi
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    Four specially commissioned Review articles provide an update on areas of research in RA that have seen notable advances in the past few years, including new insights into the development and persistence of the autoantibody response, the influence of metabolism and its perturbations, the role of synovial tissue macrophages, and the mechanisms of joint destruction.


Varied prevalence of rheumatic disease worldwide

Epidemiology of rheumatic diseases

Epidemiological characterization facilitates our understanding of factors that contribute to the initiation and progression of disease. Here, we present an online collection of articles from Nature Reviews Rheumatology that covers aspects of the epidemiology of rheumatic diseases that between them are important contributors to global morbidity and mortality.
  • Robert Phillips


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