About the Editors

Chief Editor: Susan Allison, PhD ORCID

After completing an honours degree in Biochemistry at the University of Otago, New Zealand, Susan moved to Sydney to take up a PhD position at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, investigating the mechanisms of anabolic bone formation. Susan then moved to Sweden to undertake postdoctoral research at the Stem Cell Institute at Lund University. She left the bench to enter a career in scientific publishing in 2008, joining Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology as Associate Editor, and was appointed Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Nephrology in 2009. In June 2020 Susan took on an expanded role as Consulting Editor for Nature.

Senior Editor: Ellen Carney, PhD ORCID

Ellen received her BSc in Biochemistry with Immunology from the University of Dundee, UK. She then completed a PhD at the School of Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham, UK, where she investigated the immunodeficiency of patients with ataxia telangiectasia. She joined Nature Research as an Assistant Editor in 2011 and briefly worked on Nature Reviews Cardiology, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and Nature Reviews Rheumatology before moving to Nature Reviews Nephrology as an Associate Editor in 2012. She was promoted to Senior Editor in 2014.

Senior Editor: Monica Wang, PhD ORCID

Monica obtained her BSc with Honours in Immunology from the University of Glasgow. She then moved to London and received her PhD from King’s College London for her work with Professor Adrian Hayday on novel non-classical MHC genes. As a postdoc at Queen Mary University of London, she worked on the role of macrophages in the tumour microenvironment at the Barts Cancer Institute. She then moved to the Blizard Institute to focus on clinical research. Her projects included research on T cells in immune thrombocytopenia as well as the study of rare human immune gene knockouts. She decided to pursue a career in publishing and joined Nature Reviews Nephrology in July 2018.

The editors of Nature Reviews Nephrology are based in London, UK.