Multi-omics integration in the age of million single-cell data

  • Zhen Miao
  • Benjamin D. Humphreys
  • Junhyong Kim
Review Article


  • Vasculature

    A series of articles focusing on global humanitarian challenges in nephrology that contribute to widespread disparities in kidney health, including issues related to social injustices and environmental protection.

  • SARS-CoV-2

    This article series aims to highlight basic, clinical and psychological aspects of COVID-19 in nephrology as well as the impact of the pandemic on research and clinical trials.

  • Dialysis innovation

    This focus issue describes the limitations of current dialysis and vascular access modalities and highlights some of the innovative approaches that have potential to transform the lives of patients with kidney failure worldwide.

  • Genetics kidney

    This focus issue explores how the adoption of a precision medicine approach in nephrology could more closely align disease classification to pathophysiologic processes and aid the identification of therapeutic targets.


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