Mechanisms of haemolysis-induced kidney injury

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  • Review Article |

    The field of nephrology has conducted fewer trials than other medical specialties. Here, the authors discuss how innovations in trial design and conduct could help achieve the goal of conducting a greater number of larger renal trials.

    • William G. Herrington
    • , Natalie Staplin
    •  & Richard Haynes
  • Review Article |

    Here, the authors discuss evidence for a role of NAD+ imbalance in the pathogenesis of acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). They suggest that disruption of NAD+ metabolism may contribute to mechanistic links among AKI, CKD and ageing.

    • Kenneth M. Ralto
    • , Eugene P. Rhee
    •  & Samir M. Parikh
  • Review Article |

    Greater understanding of podocyte biology has improved our understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to the development of nephrotic syndrome. Here, Saleem outlines how our understanding of disease mechanisms that contribute to nephrotic syndrome could transform the classification and treatment of this disease.

    • Moin A. Saleem
  • Review Article |

    Oncometabolites — conventional metabolites that, when aberrantly accumulated, have pro-oncogenic capabilities — have been implicated in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Here, the authors review the role of oncometabolites in RCC, their origins and downstream effects and their potential applications as novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

    • Cissy Yong
    • , Grant D. Stewart
    •  & Christian Frezza
  • Perspective |

    This Perspectives article, written on behalf of the participants of the NIDDK Workshop on ‘Sex and the Kidneys’, considers opportunities for clinical, basic and translational research into sex differences in renal disease as well as the potential tools and resources needed to conduct this research.

    • C. Noel Bairey Merz
    • , Laura M. Dember
    • , Julie R. Ingelfinger
    • , Amanda Vinson
    • , Joel Neugarten
    • , Kathryn L. Sandberg
    • , Jennifer C. Sullivan
    • , Christine Maric-Bilkan
    • , Tracy L. Rankin
    • , Paul L. Kimmel
    •  & Robert A. Star
  • Review Article |

    Iron is essential for life but must be strictly regulated to avoid harmful effects. The authors discuss new insights into systemic and cellular iron handling with respect to renal physiology and pathology, current treatment practices and novel therapies for kidney disease.

    • Rachel P. L. van Swelm
    • , Jack F. M. Wetzels
    •  & Dorine. W. Swinkels

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