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Volume 20 Issue 7, July 2019

‘Surround sound’ inspired by the Perspective on p425.

Cover design: Jennie Vallis

Research Highlights

  • Certain cellular functions in artificially reperfused pig brains can be restored and maintained several hours after initial loss of cerebral blood flow.

    • Natasha Bray
    Research Highlight


  • Blood-borne pro-ageing signals are transmitted to the brain via VCAM1 and blocking its signalling can prevent cognitive decline in aged mice.

    • Katherine Whalley
    Research Highlight
  • Astrocytes internalize and metabolize toxic neuronal lipids in an activity-dependent manner to maintain brain homeostasis.

    • Katherine Whalley
    Research Highlight
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  • Spinal neural circuits are established through the navigation of multiple types of neuronal axon to their appropriate synaptic targets. Chédotal reviews the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control this complex wiring, incorporating recent discoveries of new guidance factors.

    • Alain Chédotal
    Review Article
  • Much of the mammalian nervous system is innervated by neurons that express and release 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT). In this Review, Okaty, Commons and Dymecki explore the diversity in the properties and function of the 5-HT neuronal system.

    • Benjamin W. Okaty
    • Kathryn G. Commons
    • Susan M. Dymecki
    Review Article
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  • How is the processing of auditory information by the cortex organized? Scott and colleagues describe differences in the connectivity and properties of the rostral and caudal auditory cortex and propose links to the functional specializations of the rostral and caudal auditory streams.

    • Kyle Jasmin
    • César F. Lima
    • Sophie K. Scott
  • In this Opinion article, Martijn van den Heuvel and Olaf Sporns examine alterations in structural and functional brain connectivity across brain disorders. They propose a common landscape for such alterations that is based on principles of network organization.

    • Martijn P. van den Heuvel
    • Olaf Sporns
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