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Volume 19 Issue 12, December 2018

‘Curious cats’ inspired by the Review on p758

Cover Design: Jennie Vallis

Research Highlights

  • A population of spinal excitatory interneurons can be targeted for the maintenance of respiratory function after spinal cord injury in mice.

    • Katherine Whalley
    Research Highlight


  • Dendritic mitochondria in stimulated neurons undergo fission that is required for long-term potentiation.

    • Natasha Bray
    Research Highlight
  • A study shows that during brain development in mice, CD47 prevents excessive synaptic pruning by microglia.

    • Darran Yates
    Research Highlight
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  • Astrocytes display widespread functional diversity that translates into distinct regulation of synaptic circuits. In this Review, Dallérac and colleagues discuss the determinants of these divergent regulations throughout life focusing on astroglial intrinsic heterogeneity, developmental changes and activity-dependent processes.

    • Glenn Dallérac
    • Jonathan Zapata
    • Nathalie Rouach
    Review Article
  • Animals may adopt an active-sampling strategy to assess their environment. In this Review, Jacqueline Gottlieb and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer explore the emerging neuroscientific literature examining active sampling and how it relates to attention and curiosity.

    • Jacqueline Gottlieb
    • Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
    Review Article
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Amendments & Corrections

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