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Volume 10 Issue 7, July 2009

Volume 10 Issue 7

From The Editors

Research Highlight

In Brief

Research Highlight

In Brief


  • Progress |

    GIRK and SK channels, two families of voltage-independent K+channels, have recently been described at synaptic as well as extrasynaptic sites. Luján and colleagues discuss how associated signalling complexes in conjunction with local signals could result in the different functions of these two ion channel families.

    • Rafael Luján
    • James Maylie
    • John P. Adelman

Review Article

  • Review Article |

    Kroemer and colleagues discuss the converging signalling mechanisms that lead to mitochondrial membrane permeabilization and trigger neuron death after severe brain injury. They also highlight how knowledge of these mechanisms might be exploited therapeutically.

    • Lorenzo Galluzzi
    • Klas Blomgren
    • Guido Kroemer
  • Review Article |

    Intrinsic spinal cord networks generate the rhythmic patterns of motor activity that underlie locomotion. Goulding shows how genetic analyses, coupled with classical systems neuroscience approaches, are providing new information about the cellular components and functional organization of these circuits.

    • Martyn Goulding
  • Review Article |

    Brooks and Dunnet provide an overview of available motor behaviour tests, with the aim of helping researchers choose the most appropriate tests for teasing out a transgenic phenotype or assessing the recovery of motor function following therapeutic intervention. An interview with Simon Brooks for Neuropod is available for download .

    • Simon P. Brooks
    • Stephen B. Dunnett



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