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8–12, Suzhou, China
CSHAsia: Alzheimer’s disease: fundamentals and treatments
Recommended reading

11–26, Galveston, Texas, USA
GRC: Alcohol and the nervous system 

12–14, Pacific Grove, California, USA
Keystone:  Neurobiology of reward and addiction
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18–23, Ventura, California, USA
GRC: Thalamocortical interactions
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25–28, Janelia Farm, Virginia, USA
Bridging Diverse Perspectives on the Mechanistic Basis of Foraging

29–3 Mar, Lisbon, Portugal

MARCH 2024

3–6, Janelia Farm, Virginia, USA
Sexually dimorphic circuits and behaviors

3–8, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Photosensory receptors and signal transduction

3–8, Galveston, Texas, USA
GRC:  Sleep regulation and function

5–9, Lisbon, Portugal
International conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and related neurological disorders

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10–15, Galveston, Texas, USA
GRC:  Neuroelectronic interfaces

17–22, Ventura, California, USA
GRC:  Myelin
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20–23, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Neuronal circuits

24–29, Ventura, California, USA
GRC:  Basal Ganglia
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APRIL 2024

8–12, Suzhou, China
CSHAsia:  Alzheimer’s Disease: Fundamentals and Treatments

13–16, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting 2024

MAY 2024

2–4, Berlin, Germany
9th European Synapse Meeting

9–11, Austin, Texas, USA
Society for Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting

12–17, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders
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13–17, Heraklion, Greece
EMBO workshop: Molecular neurobiology 

19–24, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Visual system development

21–24, Genoa, Italy
EMBO workshop: Microglia in health and disease
Recommended reading 

21–24, Chania, Greece
EMBO workshop:  Principles of dendritic function and computation

26–31, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Molecular and cellular neurobiology

JUNE 2024

3–6, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Keystone:  Neurodegenerative diseases

Recommended reading

3–6, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Keystone:  Neuroimmune interactions: nervous system and immune cell heterogeneity in health and disease

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3–6, London, Ontario, Canada
Genes, Brain and Behavior 2024

9–14, New London, New Hampshire, USA
GRC:  Barriers of the CNS

16–19, Rungsted Kyst, Denmark
FENS Brain Conference: Circuits for movement

17–21, Suzhou, China
CSHAsia: Autism & Neurodevelopment Disorders – from Genetic Discoveries to Interventions  

23–27, Seoul, Korea
Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting

23–28, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, USA
GRC:  Cell biology of the neuron

25–29, Milos, Greece
AREADNE 2024: Research in encoding and decoding of neural ensembles

25–29, Vienna, Austria
FENS Forum 2024

JULY 2024

7–12, South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA
GRC:  Ion channels

13–18, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
GRC:  Neurobiology of psychedelics

14–19, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
GRC:  Auditory system

14–19, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Synaptic transmission

21–26, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, USA
GRC:  Neurobiology of cognition

21–26, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Optogenetic approaches to understanding neural circuits and behavior

28–1 Aug, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

28–2 Aug, Lewiston, Maine, USA
GRC:  Hypothalamus

28–2 Aug, Lucca, Italy
GRC:  Neural development

 AUGUST 2024

4–9, Castelldefels, Spain
GRC:  Neurobiology of brain disorders

4–9, Holderness, New Hampshire, USA
GRC:  Frontal cortex

18–23, West Dover, Vermont, USA
GRC:  Mechanisms of epilepsy and neuronal synchronization

18–23, Newry, Maine, USA
GRC:  Neurobiology of drug addiction

20–22, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Glia in health and disease


17–21, Suzhou, China
CSHAsia: Functions and regulation of sleep

10–14, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Connectivity 

28–2 Oct, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: From Neuroscience to Artificially Intelligent Systems (NAISys)


5–9, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Society for Neuroscience 2024

13–16, Rungsted Kyst, Denmark
FENS Brain Conference: Neuronal protein synthesis mechanisms in health and disease

13–16, Capri, Italy
EMBO workshop:  Unlocking human brain complexity using 3D culture and single-cell omics

20–24, Monte Verità, Switzerland
Non-coding RNA in brain development, function and evolution conference


4–7, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology & Therapeutics

5–8, NISER-Bhubaneswar, India
EMBO workshop:   Neuropeptides and behavioural flexibility

9–12, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
CSH: Development & 3D Modeling of the Human Brain