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  • Neuroimaging techniques are increasingly applied by the wider neuroscience community. However, problems such as low statistical power, flexibility in data analysis and software issues pose challenges to interpreting neuroimaging data in a meaningful and reliable way. Here, Poldracket al. discuss these and other problems, and suggest solutions.

    • Russell A. Poldrack
    • Chris I. Baker
    • Tal Yarkoni
  • Low-powered studies lead to overestimates of effect size and low reproducibility of results. In this Analysis article, Munafò and colleagues show that the average statistical power of studies in the neurosciences is very low, discuss ethical implications of low-powered studies and provide recommendations to improve research practices.

    • Katherine S. Button
    • John P. A. Ioannidis
    • Marcus R. Munafò
  • The classification of cortical neurons, including interneurons, remains a thorny issue in neuroscience. This Analysis article presents and tests a possible taxonomical solution for classifying cortical GABAergic interneurons based on a web-based interactive system that allows experts to classify neurons with pre-determined morphological criteria.

    • Javier DeFelipe
    • Pedro L. López-Cruz
    • Giorgio A. Ascoli