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  • Direct projections from the dorsal and intermediate CA1 to the medial prefrontal cortex in rats are crucial for the retrieval of temporal and spatial aspects of episodic memory, respectively.

    • Natasha Bray
    Research Highlight
  • Lewy pathology (LP) and neuronal death in clinical Parkinson disease (cPD) have been attributed to the simple spread of misfolded α-synuclein. Surmeieret al. show that the pattern of pathology in cPD is not consistent with this simple model, suggesting that cell-autonomous factors also contribute to pathogenesis.

    • D. James Surmeier
    • José A. Obeso
    • Glenda M. Halliday
    Review Article
  • The stage-specific regulation of sets of enhancers by the 'programming' transcription factor islet 1 regulates the transcription of effector genes during motor neuron differentiation.

    • Katherine Whalley
    Research Highlight
  • A characterization of transcriptomic changes in autism spectrum disorder points to shared cortical alterations that result in profound changes in neuronal gene transcription, long non-coding RNA transcription, cortical patterning and glial function.

    • Natasha Bray
    Research Highlight
  • Neurons in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) are highly heterogeneous and project to a range of different brain regions. Morales and Margolis summarize recent efforts to characterise VTA neurons, dissect their circuitry and understand their roles in motivation- and reward-related behaviours.

    • Marisela Morales
    • Elyssa B. Margolis
    Review Article
  • Neuroimaging techniques are increasingly applied by the wider neuroscience community. However, problems such as low statistical power, flexibility in data analysis and software issues pose challenges to interpreting neuroimaging data in a meaningful and reliable way. Here, Poldracket al. discuss these and other problems, and suggest solutions.

    • Russell A. Poldrack
    • Chris I. Baker
    • Tal Yarkoni