Aims & Scope

Neuroscience is the archetypal multidisciplinary science encompassing a variety of fields that share the common goal of attempting to provide a complete understanding of the structure and function of the central nervous system. A series of advances in molecular, developmental and cognitive neuroscience, stimulated by the advent of powerful new experimental techniques and theoretical approaches, have now rendered some of the most enduring neurobiological questions increasingly tractable. This explosion of knowledge has in turn created a need for new tools to efficiently organize and communicate this information. Nature Reviews Neuroscience covers the breadth and depth of modern neuroscience by providing an authoritative, accessible, topical, and engaging first port of call for scientists who are interested in all aspects of neuroscience.

Subjects Covered

  • Cellular and molecular neuroscience
  • Development of the nervous system
  • Sensory, motor systems and behaviour
  • Regulatory systems
  • Higher cognition and language
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Disorders of the brain