Is song processing distinct and special in the auditory cortex?

  • Ilana Harris
  • Efe C. Niven
  • Sophie K. Scott


  • Ongoing systemic and neurocognitive impairments that continue in a subset of individuals after infection with SARS-CoV-2 infection are found to be associated with reduced serotonin levels.

    • Sian Lewis
    Research Highlight
  • In mice, localized mutant APP expression in the CA3 hippocampal region leads to progressive network dysfunction and hippocampus-dependent memory deficits.

    • Darran Yates
    Research Highlight
  • A new biotinylation-based approach identifies previously unknown cell surface proteins of the axonal initial segment (AIS) and shows a role for contactin-1 in assembly of the AIS extracellular matrix.

    • Lisa Heinke
    Research Highlight
  • The organization and diversity of neuronal and glial primary cilia and their connectivity in the human cortex is characterized in detail.

    • Katherine Whalley
    Research Highlight
  • Fluorescent indicators can provide quantitative insights into the spatiotemporal dynamics of signalling molecules released by brain circuits. However, a mismatch between the experimental context and the experimental imaging settings often introduces unexpected errors and biases in such measurements. Appreciating this mismatch should help to arrive at unbiased estimates.

    • Dmitri A. Rusakov

20th Anniversary

The October 2020 issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience marks 20 years since the journal was launched.


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