The mechanosensory neurons of touch and their mechanisms of activation

  • Annie Handler
  • David D. Ginty
Review Article


    • Developing a better understanding of neural codes should enable the links between stimuli, brain activity and behaviour to become clearer. In this Perspective, Kriegeskorte and Wei examine neural tuning and representational geometry — complementary approaches used to understand neural codes — and the relationship between them.

      • Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
      • Xue-Xin Wei
    • The 'new head' hypothesis proposes that the advent of the neural crest and cranial placodes was crucial for the evolution of vertebrates. In this Review, Martik and Bronner discuss this hypothesis and how emerging data about gene regulatory networks in neural crest-like cell types in invertebrate chordates are providing insights into neural crest evolution.

      • Megan L. Martik
      • Marianne E. Bronner
      Review Article
    • Entorhinal cortical grid cells have been suggested to encode an internal map of the environment during spatial navigation. In this Perspective, Rueckemann, Sosa and colleagues propose that grid cells and hippocampal place cells cooperate to provide a topological representation of experience through temporal ordering of events, in both spatial and non-spatial contexts.

      • Jon W. Rueckemann
      • Marielena Sosa
      • Elizabeth A. Buffalo
    • Homeobox genes were initially characterized on the basis of the homeotic transformations in segmental identity during development that resulted from mutation of the Hox cluster family of homeobox genes. In this Perspective article, Hobert proposes that homeobox genes specify neuronal identity in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and possibly in other animals too.

      • Oliver Hobert
    • Human pluripotent stem cell-derived in vitro models have potential as tools to study aspects of human brain development. Here, Heilshorn and colleagues review biomaterial-based approaches that may be integrated into these models in an effort to develop them further and better recapitulate neurodevelopmental processes.

      • Julien G. Roth
      • Michelle S. Huang
      • Sarah C. Heilshorn
      Review Article
20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary

The October 2020 issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience marks 20 years since the journal was launched.

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