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Deconstructing cortical folding: genetic, cellular and mechanical determinants

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  • Perspective |

    In this Opinion, Yonelinas et al. propose that the hippocampus binds together item-related and content-related information to form memories. They compare the evidence for this contextual binding theory with that for another theory of memory, standard systems consolidation theory.

    • Andrew P. Yonelinas
    • , Charan Ranganath
    • , Arne D. Ekstrom
    •  & Brian J. Wiltgen
  • Review Article |

    There is growing evidence for activity-dependent plasticity at inhibitory GABAergic synapses. In this Review, Chiu and colleagues propose that an array of molecular mechanisms promotes the parallel regulation of synapses formed by distinct presynaptic interneurons innervating perisomatic or dendritic targets.

    • Chiayu Q. Chiu
    • , Andrea Barberis
    •  & Michael J. Higley
  • Review Article |

    Here, Hong and Lieber review recent developments in electrode technologies for the recording of single-unit spiking activity. They focus on advances in electrodes with high spatial integration, long-term stability and multifunctional capacities.

    • Guosong Hong
    •  & Charles M. Lieber
  • Review Article |

    Electrical synapses comprise intercellular channels termed gap junctions and are found in vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systems. In this Review, Pepe Alcamí and Alberto Pereda examine the properties of electrical synapses that influence neural circuit dynamics without modifying gap junction conductance.

    • Pepe Alcamí
    •  & Alberto E. Pereda
  • Review Article |

    The role of glia in supporting and modulating neuronal activity has been an active area of research. In this Review, Patel et al. discuss the evidence and mechanisms whereby reactivated glia contribute to the development and progression of epilepsy.

    • Dipan C. Patel
    • , Bhanu P. Tewari
    • , Lata Chaunsali
    •  & Harald Sontheimer

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