About the Editors


Chief Editor: Dominique Morneau-Brosnan, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

Dominique obtained her PhD in biology from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where she studied amino acid biosynthesis in legumes. She joined the editorial team of Genome Biology in 2015 and the editorial launch team of Communications Biology in 2018. In January 2020, she became Chief Editor for the launch of Nature Reviews Methods Primers. Dominique mainly handles papers in the life sciences.

Senior Editor: Hayley Wallen, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

After finishing an MChem in Chemistry at the University of Warwick, Hayley undertook a PhD in Archaeological Chemistry at University College London. Her research focused on using synchrotron radiation to study the corrosion and conservation of cast iron cannonballs from the Mary Rose shipwreck. Hayley joined Nature Reviews Methods Primers in August 2021, where she primarily handles papers on chemistry and materials science.

Senior Editor: Natalie Barnes, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCID

After completing an MChem in Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University, Natalie undertook a PhD at the University of Salford where she studied the synthesis and multiphoton activation of anticancer agents. She then joined UCL as a postdoctoral scientist, working on the chemical synthesis of unnatural amino acids for the development of genetically encoded building blocks of modified proteins. Natalie joined Nature Reviews Methods Primers in October 2021, where she handles primers in chemistry and chemical biology.

The Reviews Cross-Journal Editorial Team works across the Nature Reviews portfolio, as the need arises, handling content in the life, clinical, physical and social sciences.