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How we work

Our team of in-house editors, art editors, production editors and proofreaders work together with authors to produce authoritative, accessible, high-quality articles; see visual summary of the editorial process.

While the majority of content (see below for content types) in Nature Reviews Methods Primers will be commissioned by our editors, we do welcome proposals. Our online submission system will be available from mid-2020; until then, please contact the editor at Advice on how to pitch can be found on this blog post.


A Primer is an introductory review article describing the current best practices and standards for applying a method. Primers are aimed at a broad interdisciplinary audience of researchers at all career stages, and should provide sufficient information for them to evaluate and apply methods in their area of research.  Authored by an international panel of academic and translational scientists, new Primers will be published weekly.

Primers are divided into modular sections, are approximately 8,500 words long and typically include 7–9 display items (figure, tables and boxes). As a guideline, Primers can contain up to 200 references. Footnotes are not used. Further information can be found in our guidelines for Methods Primers.

Each Primer will be accompanied by a PrimeView — an illustrated summary of the article with original artwork produced by the editorial team.