Nature Reviews Microbiology Calendar 2015

One of the most exciting recent developments in microbiology has been the discovery and characterization of the CRISPR–Cas adaptive immune system in bacteria and archaea. The fact that the endonuclease activity of the Cas9 protein from the type II CRISPR–Cas system is RNA guided means it is ideal for use in genome engineering, and in 2014 there were several important developments in the translational applications of Cas9. Many of these developments have been published, or reviewed, in Nature Publishing Group journals, so we are delighted to bring you a collaborative CRISPR-themed calendar for 2015 that includes images from a range of Nature Publishing Group journals. At the end of the calendar we have included a brief legend for each figure, along with the details of the original papers and an events list of some of the key scientific meetings that will take place in 2015.

We hope you enjoy using the calendar, which we were able to produce thanks to the support of our sponsor, OriGene.

View the calendar as a high-resolution PDF (5,430 KB)