An evolving view on biogeochemical cycling of iron

  • Andreas Kappler
  • Casey Bryce
  • Elizabeth D. Swanner
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  • Analysis of endogenous viral elements reveals that bornaviruses already infected hosts 100 million years ago.

    • Ursula Hofer
    In Brief
  • This study finds that a deadly skin disease in red squirrels is associated with a staphylococcal clone often acquired through spillover from other hosts.

    • Ursula Hofer
    In Brief
  • Imaging and microfluidics reveal how corals can defend themselves against bacterial pathogens.

    • Ursula Hofer
    In Brief
  • This study reports that Vibrio cholerae outer membrane vesicles protect the cholera toxin from degradative enzymes in the intestinal tract and deliver the active toxin to host cells by a porin-mediated mechanism.

    • Andrea Du Toit
    Research Highlight
  • This month’s Under the Lens discusses the application of the quantitative image analysis software BiofilmQ to understand antibiotic-induced changes in Vibrio cholerae biofilms at single-cell resolution.

    • Divya Choudhary
    • Chloé J. Cassaro
    Under the Lens
Outbreaks and emerging infections

Outbreaks and emerging infections

Infectious disease outbreaks threaten human, animal and plant health, and they have implications for global health, food security, biodiversity and economic stability.

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