Interspecific hybridization as a driver of fungal evolution and adaptation

  • Jan Steensels
  • Brigida Gallone
  • Kevin J. Verstrepen
Review Article



  • A recent study uncovers that sensing of host amino acids in Aeromonas veronii regulates bacterial motility, enhancing gut colonization of zebrafish.

    • Ashley York
    In Brief
  • In marine sponges, higher microbiome diversity and maintenance of host innate immunity was associated with resilience to warming and acidification.

    • Ursula Hofer
    In Brief
  • This study shows that phage predation of Klebsiella pneumoniae is regulated by capsule type and that capsule loss promotes plasmid conjugation.

    • Ursula Hofer
    In Brief
  • This study reports that bacteriocins are encoded in temperate phages, and that they can be transferred between bacterial hosts, which provides a competitive advantage.

    • Andrea Du Toit
    Research Highlight
Outbreaks and emerging infections

Outbreaks and emerging infections

Infectious disease outbreaks threaten human, animal and plant health, and they have implications for global health, food security, biodiversity and economic stability.

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